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There are a few things I learned when I was a teacher and child care administrator.

One, it takes a truly gifted individual to teach our children every day. They have their degree in education and then they have something that is almost hard to put into words. It's a respect, connection, and dedication to children that goes beyond what we could ever hope for our children to receive from someone other than their family.

Two, the people that are rarely seen in our schools are the glue that hold it together. The cooks, the custodians, the secretaries, the teacher aides and support staff are so rarely shown the appreciation they deserve. This blog will also focus on them as well.

Three...and definitely most shocking!...not one of those amazing people needs one more lovingly purchased apple pen, apple necklace, apple bookend, apple plaque or apple tie.

As part of our school PTA's teacher appreciation committee, I try to find ideas bi-monthly or monthly to bring a little sunshine into their day and thank them for their incredible contribution to our children's lives. I like to find ideas that won't quickly become a dust-catching tchotchke on the shelves at home and that are truly something they will enjoy and use.

So I'm normally shopping monthly for up to 75 staff or I might just be looking for something special for my child's teacher's birthday. The ideas you find here will be a little of both. I look forward to sharing my ideas with you, hearing your ideas and getting some great teacher and staff input too.


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