Sweet Irony

Have I mentioned that the runner up in my long list of blog names was "Not One More Apple"? But I have a special love for a nice, crisp Granny Smith, so I went with my sunshiney name that I loved!

Living in a smaller community (population of 3,500 population), it's normal to run into people you know. However, today I was running errands with my two daughters 45 minutes away at the closest WalMart so I was expecting to see a lot less familiar faces. It was a fun surprise to run into my eldest daughter's teacher right as we were finishing up in the produce section. I was letting the girls choose a few of the varieties of apples they wanted to sample and her wonderful teacher leaned over to get her own...juicy red apple. She said they're her favorite snack!

I guess it was just a little reminder to me that it really is all about finding out what it is your own child's teacher likes and not what you think they would like. Because if you bet $1 million that this mom was definitely not going to get her child's teacher an apple for a treat, you'd be one happy person this afternoon.

Mental note, it was a Braeburn that she said was her favorite. Okay, who am I kidding, there's not such thing as a mental note after two children...I'm off to find a pen. Then I need to get some pictures taken of my finds and progress of my gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week. Twenty-five cents and thirty-seven cents, which was the price for the pack of gum I got each teacher and which was the price of the adorable, little blue metal buckets that hold two cups of goodies???


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