Gifts for the Classroom

Did you know that the average teacher spends over $500 of their own money each school year for classroom supplies? Sometimes the best gift you can give a teacher is an educational toy or game they need for a teaching tool. This adorable monkey below would be great for a preschool classroom along with a note about how much you appreciate the teacher teaching and caring for your son or daughter.

Learn To Dress Monkey
The Light 'N Stike math game would be a great active math game for a first grade classroom.
Light 'N Strike Math

Want to donate something to a 2nd or 3rd grade classroom that the teacher will love? The Great States game is a fun learning game that the children be asking to play again and again.

Great States Game

What's the best way to find out what your child's teacher needs or wants for the classroom? Just ask! Or ask a colleague in the classroom next door if there's something special they've been wanting for the classroom, if you'd like it to be a surprise.

At the beginning the school year, as PTA chair of our school's Teacher Appreciation Committee, I have each staff member fill out a sheet telling me a little about themselves, their likes or dislikes and any special things they'd like for their classroom. Sometimes the requests are as simple as new colorful dry erase markers (what a FUN thing for your child to pick out at the store) all the way to new indoor recess games that are age appropriate.

This catalog has great educational toy ideas CATALOG and you can always get your child's teacher a gift certificate to choose their own gift too.
Need more suggestions for your child's age group? I'll be happy to help suggest something. Just post a comment below. Would you like a copy of the form I have the staff fill out at the beginning of the school year? Post a comment and I can email it to you.


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  1. Did you know that the average teacher spends over $500 of their own money each school year for classroom supplies. gift cakes


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