St. Patrick's Day Appreciation Ideas

Last year for St Patrick's Day, our staff received a note with a $1 gift certificate attached to the back that said the following:

We are lucky to have you helping our children learn and grow each day! All of the hard work and love you put into your work is very appreciated.

Lucky to be partners in education with you,

(Signed your group or committee's name)

I used the rainbow graphic to the left on the front of the note and stapled the small gift certificate to the back.

Our gift certificate was for the local bakery and $1 was just right because we have a staff of 69. That includes teachers, teacher aides, support staff (secretaries), physical education teacher, art teacher, school psychologist, crossing guards, etc. That means with paper to print the notes on and the gift certificates, I stayed right under my budget of $75.

Sometimes the monthly or bi-monthly surprise is as simple as a note with a piece of candy and others it's a $3 gift certificate when I've pinched pennies (even more than I already do!) the previous month.

What ideas do you have for St Patrick's Day? Or March? Or even creeping into Spring?


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