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Today starts the biggest blog party on the net and soon the biggest party I throw for our teachers each year will be here.

Welcome to all my new readers stopping over from the Ultimate Blog Party ~ 2009! Click on the link below to find other great blogs throwing a party and visit the main party page to see the live shows today!
Ultimate Blog Party 2009

Every year Teacher Appreciation Week takes place the first full week in May and I look forward to planning it every year! It comes at just the right time when the teachers are trying to fit in all of the important lessons they want to teach before year's end...and also that not-so-fun time of year when the children in their classes have Spring Fever and are starting to bounce off the walls a bit.

We do a big luncheon or breakfast for the teachers on Tuesday of that week, the "official" Teacher Appreciation Day, which falls on May 5th this year. I'll be sharing more over the next week about the details that go into each step, but today I'll share what my goals are for that week with some notes for you to start thinking about what you'd like to do to make that week special at your child's school.

Monday: A special note in each teacher's mailbox along with something sweet to start of the week. Don't forget custodians, cooks and other important staff. I'm lucky at our school that everyone has a mailbox regardless of their position in the school. What staff are there besides your teaching staff that you want to include during teacher appreciation week?

Tuesday: Teacher & Staff Appreciation Luncheon. Do you want to do a big lunch or a breakfast? How will staff that are not scheduled for a break or unable to leave their classrooms be able to get their meal? Can you get parent volunteers to fill in for a teacher to give them extra time to relax and enjoy their meal? Is it easier to do a breakfast so staff can eat before their day begins?

Wednesday: Send out school-wide email with link to YouTube videos with our school's students telling why they appreciate their teachers and staff. What are some fun non-clutter gifts you can give the staff during the week? I am all about non-clutter gifts...if it's going to collect dust, don't give it. Give them something they can use. See this great link to FlyLady talking about clutter-free teacher gifts.

Thursday: I'm still debating between 10-minute massages for everyone, corsages, or another great idea shared by YOU. If I choose your idea, your blog will be our sponsor of the week for the week of May 3 to May 9, 2009 and will be featured throughout the week as well.

Friday: Awards Day. Each staff person will receive a certificate of appreciation from our parent group and a little mini-book of thank you notes to them from the families and/or children in the classes. To get these notes, at the bottom of the sign-up sheet for volunteers for Tuesday's luncheon, there is a section telling them to turn over the paper and fill out : I, (parent or child's name) blank, appreciate (teacher or staff name) because.... In the explanation, I encourage them to remember to fill out an additional one for secretaries, music and art teachers, librarians...and anyone else special in the school. More about this later, but let me know if you'd like me to send you any of my Word files for you to edit and use yourself.

What does your parent group do to make this week special at your school?


There are so many cool prizes to be won at this year’s Ultimate Blog Party, but my top picks would be:

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* USC 26- Hatley $50 gift certificate
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* 89- $100 gift card to HomeGoods
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  1. We are having a luncheon for the teachers with the theme of "Summer Lovin". We decorate with beachy things and bring food to match the theme. This year, we are making a music cd for each teacher with summer fun songs like, "Summer Lovin" from Grease, "Margaritaville" by Jimmy Buffett, Beach Boys songs, etc. I think they will really enjoy it. The bonus is that it is not expensive.

    Good Luck!

  2. My husband is thinking of being a teacher, and I may one day want to be a teacher! Great blog!

  3. YLW,

    I love that idea! We have a "Tropical Day" towards the end of March that is very similar. I like the idea of making a CD for them too. That can go with lots of different theme luncheons.

  4. We are going to do some of they same.
    Monday- finger foods (veggies, fruits, dips and desserts) for the teachers at their after school meeting.
    Tuesday- goody bags with a variety of donated school supplies, and goodies.
    Wednesday- food from our families ( home favorites either ethnic or comfort foods from the kids families.
    Thursday-snack bags
    Friday- a BBQ the dads are doing the meats and the moms are doing the fixins.
    Also, I used 8x8 cardstock the kids wrote appreciation notes for their teachers. I had a parent who is a photographer come in and take face shots of the kids. I put on the reverse side of the messages from the kids a die-cut apple with their face shot in the middle and their names on each page. On monday the cards will be hung like a garland in each room and then after the week is over I will put them together as a scrapbook to have.
    We also have various gift cards and gift certificates for drawing throughout the week

  5. The appreciation notes with the photos sound beautiful. I'd love to post a picture on the blog if you take one! I like having families bring in their family favorites for food also--what a great way to get a fun variety! Thanks for your comments :)

  6. Could you please send your Word files you used to plan your Teacher Apprecation Week? I am in charge of this at my school and would so appreciate any help you could give me. Thanks so much!

  7. Send me an email at sunshine4teachers at gmail dot com and I'll send them right over. I'm not seeing any way to contact you through your Blogger profile, but I might just totally not be seeing it too! :)

  8. Our theme is travel this year each day will have a theme of a different country with a theme gift to match for the whole staff on Friday we have our luncheon with a Mexican fiesta theme.


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