Why Waste My Time???

Helping a teacher or helping a parent group takes time away from our already busy schedules, but my reason for doing it is a pretty big one...

For over 35 hours a week, the men and women that work at my children's school are all part of what brings these cute smiles running to me at the end of the day saying, "Mom! Guess what we did at school today?"

Whether it's a story about the 2nd grade teacher that suddenly became a rock-star to them by him wearing a blonde, braided wig during last week's assembly...or the cook that let them have an extra juicy apple at lunchtime...or the 4th grade teacher that complemented them on their polite walking down the hall while his class took a test...everyone there is doing a small part in bringing smiles to these giggly and proud faces. Faces that are growing up way too fast, but growing up better because their lives were touched by amazing people who are devoted to their education and them.

I, for one, can find an hour or two of my time to give back to them. Sometimes it's making copies for an hour so they can spend extra time on math today, and sometimes I take on planning something more elaborate.

I know they appreciate it and I love it when I can bring a smile to their faces...in return for all of the smiles they've sent my children running to me with.


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