Teacher Appreciation Week Decorating

Email me your pictures next week if you're decorating your school's staff lounge, teachers' doors, entryway, and more. I'll post them here to share with everyone for great ideas for them to use later in the week, at the end of the school year or next year.

Below are some of the signs that are going up in our staff lounge. I'm matting them on construction paper and hanging each from a wooden clothespin along a piece of twine on their large, empty wall. I'm going with a beach theme focused on this quote. Out in the main entrance of the hallway will be a sign that says, "Forget about Hollywood, the reals stars work here at Our School!" Then each staff member has their name on a pictures of a starfish.

I'll be putting shells around the lounge, some netting, a bright striped table cloth. Our napkins even have shells on them! I might even go wild and break few fire codes and light some tea lights in some sand and mini starfish.

Show me some of your decorations this week!



  1. Your blog title has me intrigued. I am a teacher and we LOVE sunshine! I will be reading more! And yes, I did my colors and header myself using Scrapblog. I am addicted! Glad the wider column works for you!! It looks great!

  2. I know several teachers and they are some of the hardest working people and can be under appreciated. That is why I may "teacher pens", they make a great gift and are very functional! Check them out and let me know if you like the idea.



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