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Oh What Fun Christmas Card
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What will your child give their teacher for Christmas this year? Remember the best way to show appreciation for your teachers is to give them what they want and will use versus what you want to give them.

A homemade ornament?  The get 10 each year x 10 years of teaching...no tree is that big.  Save the love for a homemade card that can be saved easily by the teacher with a personal note from you and your child--depending on age, they can at least write their name or how they write their name right now at this age.  That may be an A for Alex or whatever mark they're able to make on the card.

It's all about telling the teacher you wish them a wonderful Christmas. Save the cookie mixes (unless you know what their favorite cookie is and know they'll use it. Same with soup mixes, hot chocolate in a mug (your mug will be the 20th one they've received this year.)

What are some good ideas if you don't really know your child's teacher but you want to buy them something special?  Watch for tomorrow's post for ideas.  What are your ideas?

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  1. I agree wholeheartedly…ornaments are not quite the way to go...


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