What's on my child's teacher's wish list?

More about Christmas gift ideas today...

A great bet is to ask their fellow teachers what their personal favorite store is and get them a gift card for there.

My children's Scholastic book orders have a gift certificate option on the order form. We'll be giving each of their teachers a small certificate, so they can buy a couple of books for the classroom's bookshelf. This is a no-fail gift idea.

Another no-fail gift idea is to buy a gift card from your local bookstore. These stores have such a variety of choices from books to music to a sweet treat that was not made with one-half sprinkles and one-half spit from your children's fingers. :)

What will you be giving your child's teacher this year? Share your best ideas that any teacher would be happy receiving. And to give your child's teacher a more personal gift, don't forget our trusty get-to-know-the-teacher form from this post about Chocolate Spaghetti.


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  1. I pretty much gave all I had last night…once-again it's getting late and my brain is beginning to shut down.

    I just know this…if you wouldn't want the gift yourself, there's a good chance the teacher won't want it, either.

    If you are able to access a teacher's FB profile, often it will give their likes on the information page…

    Just a thought.

    Of course, that just might constitute stalking - which sometime ago was simply known as having a secret admirer.


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