29 Days Left Until Lots of Smiling Teachers

I'm making my list and checking it twice--Okay, I check it about five times a day...but who's counting? Here is my progress on last week's to-do's. What are you working on right now to prepare for your Teacher Appreciation Week?

1) Decide where you'll keep all your notes for Teacher Appreciation Week planning.
I made a spreadsheet this year to keep everything nice and organized. It has all of my categories, plus a mini-four week calendar so I can jot my "to do's" and "to call's" right onto the day things need to be completed by.

2) Call department stores and ask makeup counters for donations of samples and/or gift bags.
I have some bags set aside for me at our local department store for after their promotion is done this next weekend.

3) Contact three stores or restaurants per day to ask each for 5 small gift cards to donate to the teachers and staff.

I have half of my gift cards reserved and need to do some pick-ups and more calls early next week.

Now we're finishing up our main to-do list for Teacher Appreciation Week activities and gifts.

4) Asking for help from parents in your school.
I am saving most of my asking for help with our big luncheon for Tuesday of Teacher Appreciation week. Today I typed the form reminding parents that Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up. On it, I asking for food donations and help covering the teacher's duties for that day so they can relax. Before I could type up the form, I had to get the school schedule with recess duties and lunchroom duties on it. I try to break up the volunteer times into 30 minutes or less so even those parents with the busiest of work schedules might be able to help. They can always volunteer for more than one time. I also list the grade next to the time so parents can sign up for their child's grade.

At the bottom of this form, I ask them to do a "thank you" note on the back. (See Friday in the post Parties! Parties! Parties!)

Now that my note is ready, I'll send it off to our other parent group members and have them proofread it and make any suggestions. Then I'll send it home next Wednesday and have it due to be turned in on the next Thursday--that means even us forgetful parents should have it filled out in a week and turned in by that Friday. Then I can work on scheduling volunteers and determine if we have enough food donations over the weekend. I will usually have some gaps here and there in the schedule and will fill those with any parent calls or emails I get for anyone that didn't turn in their form.

5) Order supplies.
Make your list of everything you need to order ahead of time and keep a pen close by to that list. A lot of things can be ordered even the week before, but I like to save on last-minute shipping charges whenever I can.

Tomorrow I'll be ordering our personalized M&Ms in our school colors. They have some cute teacher message ideas on their website that I need to decide on. I'll be ordering the three-7 ounce bags because they're buy 3 and get 1 free right now. MY M&M'S® Candies Offer Because we have such a large staff, I'll be mixing treat bags with a scoop of regular M&Ms and a scoop of personalized ones. These will be their goody bags for Monday.

6) Tie it all together with a theme!
Our theme this year is... more on that tomorrow!

I love to read your comments! What are you working on for Teacher Appreciation Week? Do you have a theme? Do you have suggestions for or questions about my plans?



  1. New to your site and love your ideas for Teacher Appreciation... I've chaired the TA week for 2 years - I found it very rewarding personally and I heard lots of wonderful feed back from our teachers! Keep up the great work!

  2. It is so rewarding, you're right! It's so worth the time we put into it. Thanks for stopping by.


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